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Policymakers gathered to discuss the future of science and universities

President Halonen participated in Thinkfest-forum, an event organised by University of Helsinki, where over 60 decision-makers were invited to talk about future Finnish education and science policy. The opening panel was constructed to discuss issues related to the controversial expectations that universities face, the state of Finnish science in global arenas and science policy. President Halonen emphasized the importance of lifelong learning, basic research and innovations. The good quality of the education and strong global network are the cornerstones of making quality science in Finland. In addition, a robust and broad foundation ensures the freedom of researchers.

University of Helsinki launched #Siksitiede (#ThereforeScience) -campaign to promote science and research based education. With science the illnesses like cancer can be beaten, or the effective tools to mitigate climate change can be found. President Halonen is currently the chairperson of the University Board in University of Helsinki.