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Exceptional times do not hinder meetings & seminars altogether – Implementation requires creativity & flexibility

President Tarja Halonen continues her active work to promote Sustainable Development Goals even if both national and international meetings and seminars are either postponed or arranged digitally.

As one example of successful digital conference ”Kastelholm`s talks on peace” was held in Åland Peace Institute at the end of March 2020.  The event has taken place every year since 2014 and President Halonen acts as the patron of the talks.

This year the theme of the seminar was ”War, Peace and the Environment.” President Halonen discussed in the seminar together with Margot Wallström, Marja Lehto, Pella Thiel, Mikael Sjövall and Emma Hakala.

You can find the conference recording here.

The Åland Islands Peace Institute can be found here